Grygon (grygon) wrote in anti_yerf,

Wow, has this place died! Mind a little discussion?

Well, after being snubbed by one of the yerf artists a while back on a trade for fan art (who she accepted every offer except mine... you cannot call that NOT snubbing) and then seeing her do some just horrific fan art recently (usually her art rawks but this made my eyes bleed... especially because of the excuses she used) I began to realize that even the high and mighty yerf artists have bad art days. Though some won't admit it and instead brush it off on "no reference material".


It just got me thinking. Do you earn a right to certain attitudes when you finally make it to the "the top" in the art world? Being part of very elite groups, having good enough skill to be a member or to run the said groups and all. I look for your honest opinion on it. *shrug*

It's a little like the SLI Program I applied for a few years ago in college, once I was rejected and my class mates accepted things REALLY changed between us. They wanted nothing to do with me after they were "in". Few of the special 14-16 people selected out of about 50 or so applicants that year. I didn't think they earned the right to treat me as such- I had better skill than at least 5 of them. But those 5 were selected for the high-level classes and instruction that year, not me. Membership gave them the attitude, not their skill. IMO.

And before yerfers jump down my throat over calling them elite- get out the dictionary. Or look at it in wikipedia.

- - -

And seeing threads on the yerf forums ribbing an artist over making you "feel really uncomfortable" because he painted a MLP (rather skillfully I might add)... wtf, guys? Can't stand seeing someone NOT on yerf make more money than you? That thread really got my hackles up. They call MLP painting a "trend"... uhm, and so furry art is suddenly not a trend? Though it did give me some solice that even yerfers consider others "egotistical and self-centered" because they participate in trends. LOL! How many of us rejects have refered to yerf as egotistical and self-centered? ;)
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