ay_anonymous (ay_anonymous) wrote in anti_yerf,

Man, oh, man, I can't believe nobody's stomped all over the proposed new app system yet. (although maybe it's 'cause this community is dead.)

What ever happened to, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?
Of course, Yerf as a whole has been broken for quite some time as far as making any kind of progress goes, and administration problems and inconsistencies are atrocious, but I always thought the system of apps was pretty straightforward and sensible.

If it worked for *how long* one way, why change it now? No matter how I've tried to mentally justify it, I really don't get it. And HOW many people made this decision? TWO? What the hell? Couldn't this brilliant new system at least have been introduced and worked out between everyone in charge beforehand rather than having one person just go, "LOL I'M GOING TO CHANGE IT ALL UP!!1111"

If it's to stop an influx of applicants, why not just LIMIT the number of applications at a given point in time? If it's to encourage more applications with something fresh, how is making applicants do extra work going to do that? What are people supposed to prove through this extra piece? That they have all this extra time on their hands to devote just to some furry art gallery application where they might not even get accepted after taking the extra time to work for some stupid new process? It's more work for both reviewers (already devoting time to reviewing three pieces, and I'm sure it'll add up to have to mess with one more per applicant) and people applying.

What the hell, you guys. I'm mostly appalled that this has just gone over because, pretty much, one person decided to mess with how applications are done (unless there' something I'm missing?). I really hope the people in charge get their heads out of their asses and reverse this new decree. There was really no good reason for it.

Oh, Yerf.
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