Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in anti_yerf,

"Quality issues"

Believe it or not, I used to be in Yerf, back at its beginning, when it was called SQFA, Squeeky Clean Furry Art Archive. I had gallery space. When I went on Furrymuck, people knew who I was, and thought my artwork was neat.
But then, for no good reason, some moderator guy e-mailed me and said, "We're sorry, your quality has decreased and we're going to remove you from our server." No discussion, no "but we'll give you a second chance." Nothing. They just booted me out.
Then, like a dummy, I tried to get back in. By then, they had added this complicated message board system designed to crush artists into oblivion before they were even given a chance at getting a gallery page. I posted artwork there, and they said, "You need to work on your drawing skills. This looks cartoony." And then they gave me the brush-off.
Ironically enough, during that same time, other artists on the site drew pictures that looked like turds. They were cartoony, ugly, definitely not masterpieces, but nobody booted them off.
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