The Yerf/Non-Yerf Mutual Agree to Disagree Society

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Welcome to the very politically incorrect community, ANTI-YERF!

Before you lovingly click that "Join this community?" option, (That we all know you want to ;), please take the time to read these very important announcements:

- This community is here for pretty much one purpose, and that's to rant to your heart's content about Yerf. We don't care if you're a current Yerf artist, a former Yerf artist, an application rejectee, or just someone whose views vary about such a heated subject. We just have one basic requirement, that you introduce yourself at some point in your stay here and tell us why you've decided to join our "circle 'o hate."

- However, this community is NOT for commission adds, or anything unrelated to Yerf. Such posts will be removed, and the postee's will be banned if they post a second irrelevant topic.

- Also, feel free to simply ask others opinions on things, (I.E. How do you feel about the Grandfathered Artists Clause? What do you think of the Anime/Furry art on Yerf? Why do you think they wouldn't let so and so on? (Even stuff not directly related to Yerf in any way. )) - While this may not do anything in the immediate future, it's apparent that some of the Yerf members do have an interest into this community, and might take our "Helpful Insights" into consideration.

- Useless posts like telling everyone how much you hate someone don't provide anything, and so we prefer that you give a valid reason for bashing someone or something. (Besides, it's just more interesting that way!)

- When responding to questions like those above, be respectful. If you disagree with others, don't be rude. Just give your opinion and state a few reasons why you think.. whatever. If you decide to rave on and try to create a flamewar, I'll most likely remove your post and laugh at you.

- Lastly.. have fun xD


Regarding the anonymous posting feature, that account is for making posts ONLY. Comments will be removed.

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Pw: yerfiscool